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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
If you think back, there were some very good discussions on how-to's for basics, using drawings, detailed explanations, a few years back. That was mainly Rob John and me. And then this "greatness" began to intrude and other people, including Ueshiba, became "amateurs". The process of "The Cross" (which is very limited and comes from Southern Shaolin) began to develop into "spiralling" and a host of other things, just as I predicted things *must* go, some years back.
During which- through phone discussion with Rob and on-line postings I made Rob asked to borrow one of my training examples of using the cross (the drive shaft with the peg) and posts it -with credit to me- right here in the training section.
Also during which I was talking with Rob- and writting before he ever met you about spiral energy and how it is essential for actual fighting with IP/ aiki.
Then after I saw the published training vid on Shiko and read the hand outs I talked with him about carrying the weight across the body and wrote about it detail on E-budo

You have a very warped sense of reality and what went on and when as well as a meglomeniacal sense of owning information.
Such as you stating you coined this and that phrase -even telling me you coined "heavy hands" a term that has been used in boxing for decades.
FWIW, you can read about sprial energy in DR from DR teachers on Aikido Journal.
Sorry to burst your bubble about being the in resident expert on everything internal.

Incidentally.... it's far better for everyone to join into these conversations than to wait for someone else to explain things. I'm always willing to help someone who is making an effort. Someone who is simply waiting for people to hand him info (sometimes they *demand* it!)... not so much.
No this is where you opt out and say nothing or offer more baby step nonsense like your famous post on breathing. With people asking for breath power exercises and you told them to breath in and relax. I called you on that BS then and there.
This isn't a real discussion Mark and never has been.
At least I finally got him to admit...after pages of insults and innuendo...that I was right along in posting that his stuff is only basics.
See how easy that was instead of all the huff and puff.
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