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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Mark Murray wrote: View Post

I'm not picking on just one person, I'm saying quit the bickering to both of you. If either of you can't interact online without resorting to bickering, then please quit interacting.
IMO. I think the bickering has a certain perverse value in a 'National Enquirer' sort of way - kind of like a soap opera appeal

Who out there is keeping the cheap shot score?

Is there a fight promoter in the house? maybe we can get a Vegas venue and have the MMA match of the year in MIke S vs. Dan H - any odds anyone? That would be a hoot

On the serious side, I have immense respect for both parties and believe that they have more similarities than they do differences. Going forward, I think that the first one to reach out with a big internet hug to the other is the winner in my book (sorry about that visual to those with a squeamish stomach )

It's the holidays guys - chill out a bit and let's have some fun

best regards to all
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