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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 16

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Actually, Tohei's approach did not take Ki out of his techniques. Granted, he did take Ki to another perspective outside of that, but Ki was always a central focal point with all of his martial techniques. At least that was the way it was when I first trained in the early day's of the Ki society back in the 70s.

Hi Greg,
That's why I had the quotes. I don't think he took the "ki" out of his techniques either. But, in an overall view, he separated "ki" out into another program, or training approach. So, in some essence, he made "ki" separate to stand on its own, without martial validity. Yes, I think the idea is valid in that you have solo training and paired partner training. I just think something went wrong with Tohei's approach or implementation. IMO. I can look at two of Kodo's students and see aiki skills. Sagawa supposedly stated that people were "getting it" once he started to teach it. But, from Tohei's approach ... ???

Again, not saying Tohei didn't have skills or that he was a bad teacher, etc, etc. I'm just saying something doesn't add up somewhere in that environment.
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