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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Holy smoke.... "amateur"? You're the one that wanted to come visit me... I didn't want to come visit you. Oh wait.... do you mean the ground + weight paths that I have discussed many times over the years and which is archived a number of times on this very forum? It's odd how you talk knowledgeably about so many things like this "duality" that were there for the picking in posts, videos, archives, etc.
More baiting and bruised ego stuff eh? Run out of meaningful things to say?
Nice dodge of the cheap shot post.
That was when you first drew my attention. Whatever made you think I wanted to come visit you to *learn* anything? I've visited a lot of people for different reasons.

The Internet
I've never once seen you even begin to adequately address the way we move. Not even close. In fact all of your posturing, and beating of your chest about your posting history, and drawings and explanations both here and on the neijia list has resulted in what?
Nothing more than beginner level stuff with a few drawings.
And your Tohei one-legged-army ground vector stuff you go on about ad nauseum is so simplistic and rudimentary that it fully explains why he looked and moved like he did. You may be impressed by him, but I sure as hell never was.

Your comments about the duality being the ground path+ gravity doesn't even begin to cover what we do, nice try though. Your ground path idea-while correct- is too simplistic. Why did I reference it? Since your Neijia list, ground path model is known and out there, it was a good starting point to address; sort of like the hip-tied-to-shoulders is the well known and accepted way many martial artists move; yours is a good starting point to show where to begin and then to get away from, for better power and stability and better fighting movement later on.

If you know more or have more, and I presume you do (I always like to think the better of you) you have yet to write it down anywhere. Past all your rhetoric, your shtick seems to be to get others to talk than you follow with comments.

While I have appreciated your efforts to get the word out-you continue to overplay your hand.
Good luck in you search

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