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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well, I will conitnue to point out to people the questionable veracity of an amateur disqualifying everyone's view that doesn't line up with his.
Holy smoke.... "amateur"? You're the one that wanted to come visit me... I didn't want to come visit you.
The "ground path" is your term not theirs. Although it's not bad; it is simplistic in it's scope and what it can mean (sort of like Tohei's).
The use of a single ground path instead of the duality in the body at the same time is and has been disputed by men far more accomplished than you or I.
Oh wait.... do you mean the ground + weight paths that I have discussed many times over the years and which is archived a number of times on this very forum? It's odd how you talk knowledgeably about so many things like this "duality" that were there for the picking in posts, videos, archives, etc. You still haven't addressed the question and it appears that you're now trying to use the idea that it wasn't your words (except the comparison with me, of course) and that you were just saying what someone else on the video said. They said nothing about me.... you did. So why put my name and "groundpath" in except to trivialize it? If you're going to trivialize it, then explain it. Why do you think the old saying only mentions the path from the ground and not your "duality"???
Again I advise people to dismiss the arguing of morons on the net and go pursue the real experts. IP/aiki is much more in depth than what you are going to find in Aikido or those who want you to focus on breath power and pushing or even Tohei's own limited understanding.
And there are methods that can be used for "actual fighting" and all that entails, though it apears many just are not capable of doing or teaching those aspects.
If you want it-it's there to
Tsk. Let's go back to a past question that you went silent on, Dan. Speaking of "real experts", why is your method so different from Ueshiba's and Tohei's? What is it that you know that they didn't know? I.e., are you the "real expert" you're referring to?


Mike Sigman
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