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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

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Well, you have your opinion ...
Since you made an assertion about what Hong believes and tossed my name into the pot, I asked you to explain. I doubt seriously that Hong or his people need you making misstatements/misunderstandings about what Hong knows. But I guarantee you that Hong understands that chansi-jin is simply an offshoot of the neijin. Anyone with basic knowledge knows that.
I still haven't offered an opinion, and you can "guarantee" nothing-you're not qualified.
I offered a description of someone else, coupled with what has been explained by a couple of his top people (which for some strange reason lined up with what I later read of Hong's stated view). By their own deliberate choice- it differentiated itself from any discussion of a single path -into a duality that must exist at all times-as one. It's their interpretation; your opinion, or mine was neither asked for, or required.

Attempting to disqualify anything that doesn't agree with your own limited understanding as an "outsider," is a dicey game. I don't agree with everything I read, hear and feel-particularly the results of what it did for some people, but that's different from a presumption of knowing what every master level teacher of the ICMA thinks, believes, interprets and teaches within their own lineage.

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