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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

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I show up alone every single day to the dojo would that excuse someone from raping me in the locker room where I change?
No, sorry - having someone decline training with you due to religious restrictions is NOT the same as being raped in the locker room. I would highly suggest that you talk to someone with experience at a rape crisis center if you think otherwise.

I don't think so. So why would that kind of logic apply here?

When she shows up for a morning class and is the one of three people on the mat; she is the only woman and the other two have religious restrictions, how the heck is her training not affected? It's not by her choice -- it's by theirs to practice their view of their religion. You can not admit here in this circumstance that her training was adversely affected?
No. If the two others did not show up at all, she would still be doing the same thing - practicing her stick work alone. If those two guys *don't* have religious restrictions, great! Three people get to train. But someone without religious restrictions is not going to put them aside based on 'Sensei Says.'

She pays dues like everyone else. Imagine showing up to class a two or three practices in a row and NOT BE ABLE TO TRAIN. And what will you say to yourself?
"Damn, I need to find another dojo."
"Damn, these guys really need to accommodate me."
Because if the people with religious restrictions outnumber those without, it is the latter that are being 'accommodated.'

You can still train with a stinky, loud, flirty opinionated person.
Yeah, but you don't want to.

It's his choice to follow an orthodox belief system not hers. And by his choice to follow it he will experience consequences because of it.
I absolutely agree - for example, if there's one religious restriction guy (RR) and one no restriction guy (NR), the woman shouldn't have to sit out and never get to train; NR, to be fair, should train with both and RR will have to spend some time sitting out. But the woman will not get to train with RR no matter what happens - whether accommodations are made, or not.

Just try instructing a small class with the person in it - you can not physically touch him or use him as uke.
His loss.
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