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Re: Fear & Shaking

hey anon,
Look; i don't know; and there's not a whole lot of info you gave; but think about this:
1-that shaking and mean face just kinda happened, right? spontaneously?
2-you were in a pretty extreme situation; with some guy tryin to pick a fight with you. that is a rare occurrence, right?
3-the guy saw what you had going on and backed down. that was good, right?

i don't know; it seems like everything worked perfectly.
what do you want to overcome?
the involuntary response seemed to indicate to the provoker that you were full-on ready to rock and roll; and he thought the better of it; as he was about to get the WHOLE and ENTIRETY of *you* all over *him*.

your body and mind were engaged, 'ON' and ready to bang.

Q: What is there to overcome?
Q: Why overcome it?
Q: Didn't things take care of themselves?
Q: It was all natural and spontaneous. And brought about a peaceful ending.

now; if you're planning on getting into a lot of fights then yeah; you may want to hone these responses; and try to master handling adrenaline dumps...but in general, for like...99.3% of all the situations this was absolutely freaking perfect.... wasn't it?

just a point of view for you

Good luck.
Love not Fear
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