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Re: Fear & Shaking

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
No, aikido training is not designed to develop right response to hate and aggressive attacker. .The reason is simple. Facing the aggressiveness and hate is not a part of aikido daily training. You may try Mixed Martial Art training.
Carolyn Parkinson wrote: View Post
Shaking is a common response to an adrenaline rush, that is, the "fight or flight" response that you get in an intense situation just like the one you were in. It's completely natural, and happens to lots of people, all the time, in many different situations.
If you train to face aggression then you can train yourself how to react mentally to aggression. The physical reaction ( shaking) can be handled physically by doing some hard physical activity to burn off or use up the adrenaline, like running or lifting weights.

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