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Re: Fear & Shaking

Even police officers forced to draw live weapons on human beings the first time get the shakes. Worst when you've shot someone. As everybody said, its a normal adrenaline side effect as it dumps you. But as you do it more and more often, you will condition your body that this is normal.

That's why in Wanted, they used real bodies for target practice I believe...

Anyway, you don't want to Combat train your body if you're a normal person. So there is a ki visualisation exercise that can help. Relax and keep center, now create an awareness sphere that expands from your center to touch the inner part of you skin and now expand it so that its outside your skin. Feel it become almost tangible, like a tingling aura that covers your whole body. Now have some friends help by verbally threatening you with promises of bodily harm, hurt and insults. Imagine those verbal attacks as visible strikes that hits your shield. Imagine it bounce off harmlessly. At all times remain relaxed and centered. Eyes looking shoulder level with a wide peripheral vision. Also ask the attacker to attack randomly in each encounter. (sometimes visualisation of the invisible attacks bouncing away makes us too comfortable with the situation that a sudden attack might catch us off guard).

Rinse and repeat. Build it up so that the attacks can come suddenly anytime before you prepare. When it does, immediately switch your shield up and visualise again.

Also if you do get the shakes. Listen to your heart and blood flow. Breath slowly and gently into your center and expel the tension away as you breath out. You'll still feel shaken, but you will shorten the period and you won't freeze. Drinking water will also help.

When you are shaken you will feel slightly 'tired'. So its a dangerous situation to be in. That's why its also good to train through tiredness in normal class.

There's also another visualisation method. This is for the more aggressive.

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