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Re: Fear & Shaking

I am very glad that the situation worked out and that you were OK. It's good to hear you handled the situation without having to fight.

Shaking is a common response to an adrenaline rush, that is, the "fight or flight" response that you get in an intense situation just like the one you were in. It's completely natural, and happens to lots of people, all the time, in many different situations.

Here, let me give you an example from something similar but that's not aggressive.

I take the bus to work almost every day. At the end of the route, it gets pretty rural, and the driver one night hit a deer.

The deer came out of nowhwere and he couldn't not hit it. There was no lights on the street so he couldn't really see it.

After the deer was hit, the driver did everything right. The driver stopped the bus right away, checked on the passengers (we were all fine), put a call into the police and the station, and set out "warning" cones. Also checked on the deer (it was toast).

As soon as he got back on the bus from putting the cones out, he started shaking pretty bad. The adrenaline from hitting the deer was doing that to him. Once he was done with everything he needed to do, it took over. The next day, though, the driver was back on the route, and doing just fine.

So, it's very common response, and completely natural. Aikido won't necessarily make it so you don't have that response, but it can help you deal with it when you come across stressful situations.
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