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Re: How much do you train??

5.5 hours of formal classes a week
Sunday 90 min
Tuesday 2 hours, 1 of those is weapons class.
Thursday 2 hours
Would love to add one more night ,maybe every other week.. preferably Monday...if it ever becomes available.

God I have no idea. Last night I practiced in my dreams all night and that happens a lot... does that count? I also will daydream practice, visualize myself going through movements .. .... at work or any time I am not mentally occupied. And I do a little jo 10 -20 minutes 2-3 times a week in the back yard or at the barn in the arena. Sometimes a 10-20 minutes of shadowing technique or some other excercise like tenkan practice.

And giraffes toungs are more purplish than blue to me. And very like a cats, coarse and scratchy. Don't let a giraffe lick your hand... they slobber.
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