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Re: How much do you train??

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
How many days a week do you train, personally? In class, out of class? How many hours per class?
It varies, week to week, but here's my basic schedule:

Every Week
Tuesday - 90 minute class with Sensei
Thursday - 45 minute weapons class with Sensei
Saturday - 45 minute weapons + 60 minute open-hand, each w/yudansha

Schedule Permitting (one of both of these)
Monday - 2 60-minute classes, one w/Sensei, one w/Yudansha
Friday - 60-minute classes with Sensei

Rarely (like before holiday weekends)
Wednesday - 2 60-minute classes, one w/Sensei, one w/Yudansha

Almost Daily
A few minutes (as little as 5 minutes) jo practice at home

On average it's about 3-4 training days per week, with 4-7 classes.

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