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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

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All that to say this: Is IT something that is being taught in the US special forces? [Im going beyond fight clubs now], if this is something tangible, then I would suppose the elite would need to benefit from this. [Hey, "men who stare at goats" - try whatever it is you can to stay on top... so if this does have an edge... someone using it? CIA, etc?]
Even if they had people of teaching these skills (which I don't think they do), their current approach is better for them. Select people that are exceptionally physically fit and build from that. The IT alternative would be to take a few years and teach these people to move in a totally different way. Not a very smart move, in my opinion.
Secondly, the benefits of IT for the special forces would be mostly limited to carrying stuff and hand-to-hand combat. They're doing fine at the former without IT and the latter is not that important to them (I assume they prefer guns and knives).

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As for the 'ancient Chinese secret' bit:
We have seen those 'mystical' acts of throwing people without the need to touch them videos, just to see a guy who did this get his rear wiped on the ground - as I pointed out in my above post.
[point is that people have a right to be skeptical and question in order to understand without taking everything on blind faith... understanding what serves what purpose and when.]
Why throw everything that's secret and Chinese on one big pile? Nobody here is claiming you can use IT in a non-cooperative environment to throw people without touching them. If you're allowed to touch them however, ...
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