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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post

All I have to say is, you have to touch someone who is adept in aiki/IP skills. All ramblings, argument, and useless musings will stop there. .
Your right... a nice quick summary of what I tried to say!
[i.e., time to see it in action!]



As for the 'ancient Chinese secret' bit:
We have seen those 'mystical' acts of throwing people without the need to touch them videos, just to see a guy who did this get his rear wiped on the ground - as I pointed out in my above post.
[point is that people have a right to be skeptical and question in order to understand without taking everything on blind faith... understanding what serves what purpose and when.]

Also, the comment about useless musings... perhaps to most, but not to me.
Its good to seek and try to understand, and clarify what it is you believe.

As not to have this post misunderstood by anyone, please refer to my lengthy post above... though it may not be that much clearer. [The point is, Im not trying to pick on anyone concerning what they believe to work.]

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