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Re: Ikkyo

Robert Watson wrote:

As for my take on ikkyo (I vote as not the most diffculy technique-in case anyone is counting):
I agree, it is difficult. Maybe the most difficult as you state.


Well I think a number of factors.

1. Both Uke and Nage know the attack/response
2. It is simple...both the attack and the response.
3. It is narrow...there are only so many parameters that can get injected into the situation and Uke knows this.
4. It is a simple, balanced attack from the front with both uke and nage in a balance kamae.
5. Even as a committed attack, Uke can retain his balance if Nage does not figure out how to disrupt it.
6. Uke primarily controls the timing and distance of the situation, therefore, initially controls the OODA loop...Nage is playing "behind" the loop from the start of the technique and most figure out how to disrupt it and get ahead.

Well, these are the thoughts that come to mind...which actually make Ikkyo a very good tool for training. A simple, basic, yet very challenging puzzle to master.

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