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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
Perhaps not, but for what Im talking about wanting to accomplish it does.
[I believe the paradigm is there, I just was not able to bring it out in what I wrote.]
No doubt Dalen, and don't take this the wrong way.
I'm just trying to say it as straight as possible when I say, the paradigm has very little overlap. On the surface it looks like it might (straight posture, alignment yatta yatta yatta), but the development is different, as are the results.
Look at it this way, if the paradigms even remotely overlapped then you'd see physical development that was more in keeping with say Ueshiba's mid-drift, or increased overall thickness of the body etc.

What I'd consider to be "overlapping paradigms" is say, the Karate approach vs, the Aikido approach vs the Yoga approach etc.

Btw, for the most part I'm talking past you here. FWIW I understand what you're trying to achieve, (completely understandable, and I'm not arguing on your goals at all) I just wouldn't put it in the same box and assume that it would help you achieve IT/IS.
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