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Re: The Limiting Factor in a Student's Training

If i may be so bold sensei,
Only 10% of teaching is imparted by the teacher. Only through dedicated practice of the principles of aikido do the mysteries come to life. And it is those principles that have made training in aikido such a pain and pleasure. I would train at other dojo's and other styles given the chance but i would not stop aikido. At our place, we have been blessed with a great teacher. But sometimes, he is not able to show up because of his other responsibilities (and he just reached san dan) and i can honestly say we are much better off with his limited guidance then if he were not here. Because, he cannot make me walk the path but him pointing in the right direction is all that is needed.
Your point is very valid. But like everything in this world, there always have to be exceptions to our theories.
It is not an arguement, just an information which may provoke a thought process.
My apologies if i have said something amiss,
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