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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
So, although I would recommend this type of training to everyone, as I believe it is the best training in the world for MA; I know that most will never do the work. Its just the way it is.

Good luck in your training
Good morning Dan.

I hope you don't take this question the wrong way, because I am sincere in trying to understand. I've read this a few times about internal training and I have to ask; if the rewards are so great, remarkable, measurable, why are people so unwilling to do the work? That just doesn't make sense to someone who trains hard and is constantly trying to improve themselves.

So...Is it really that tedious? Boring? Painful? Time consuming? Does it become even more so as you progress? The more you advance and the more breakthroughs you have, the more you have to continue to challenge yourself, which leads to even more pain, isolation and monotony?

I'm just trying to understand the big picture.


Mike C.
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