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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

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Which means when you finally get down to doing the hard work in rewiring your body, it's going to be a bitch and a half to retrain.

Once you start to rewire your body though, throwing a thai kick, punch etc will simply feel "weird" or even "wrong" for lack of a better term
I suppose maybe a better analogy of what it is Im trying to do is simply this: Ballet.

If given the opportunity to have some serious Ballet & Yoga classes, I would believe I could achieve, [a lot of] the goals Im am seeking to do with understanding body mechanics/movements... and then quickly adapt to whatever martial arts I may choose to do.

The point for me is to have my body adapted to what is and isnt possible, a honed 'machine' that is not limited to a certain range, etc.

For now, Thai Boxing is doing this for me, as I cannot kick high at all, and my balance is shot. Of course Im pulling out of it what ideas I think are practical for a sport fight, etc.

Ill say this straight up... I do not see the value in any high kicks - at least not in theory, as I have already on more than one occasion accidentally caught the guys leg and remembered your not supposed to catch the leg and hold on. [Or can you... need to clarify that bit.]

I will say it does not make for natural training to withhold form certain natural tendencies like to grab the leg, and even more so not to practice taking them down then as it is quite easy to do seeing they are not rooted to the ground.

From Thai Boxing I think the practicality lies in the clinch & the knees [and elbows for those who use it.] A good boxing footwork and combos is nothing to sneeze at either, and again something someone in Aikido just is not ready for as they practice for the one punch.

So, Ballet/Yoga, [the benefits that come from], is really more of an ultimate goal in terms of what I believe it will offer me as it concerns a full range of control, balance, flexibility, and knowledge of what movements are more natural for the body and how to maximize it... but until then Ill figure it out the best I can this way. [As I am interested in the martial aspect, of which the former seems to be the foundation.]



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