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Well it is.

This 2nd video is probably more useful for a beginner who already understands chushin and atari. But imagine for a moment he isn't Endo's student. He will assume that he can stay rooted in the spot to take the shomen. And then he will assume he can just bring down uke's arm with his arms. This video shows very good ikkyo, but without an explanation on the internal mechanics. Maybe starting with structural kuzushi, maai and tai sabaki would be better. IMO at least.

Raul, no offence on your posting. I just saw that the 1st video is more ki no nagare and the emphasis was more for intermediate students. But you're right, its ikkyo without a bump to the ribs that you wanted to highlight. You don't need to bump the body when you can bridge it through uke's hands and Endo's video is perfect as an example.

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