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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

From what I understand on the forums here, in regards to I.T., it appears that many are of the opinion that I.T. is what actually makes Aikido tick, and that even some of the Shihans are missing it. [Again, going by memory on a post I recall concerning this.]

I myself have been trying to find out how things work, which circumstances Aikido is effective with, etc.

Recently I have been mingling Aikido with Thai Boxing/grappling.
[actually just in the grappling bit.] Point is to see how Aikido works in a fast paced environment, etc.

My findings are interesting and kind of align with my original theory... though they are not all conclusive as of yet.

What I am wondering is if anyone who is really involved in I.T., [specifically those who feel that the Shihans are missing it and that Aikido is headed in a new direction], if they have ever applied this to a sparring match. [Whether it be grappling, boxing, what have you.]

What I am finding is that various principles are true, but it depends in what context.

And while I believe that I.T. can help benefit ones game in MMA, at least in theory, the question is has anyone done this yet?

In Aikido the theory of how we are taught to block and use an atemi punch when chudan Tsuki is used is great - but I have a strange feeling if your going against a boxer who is coming in with combinations you will have had to have some 'live' mat time to make any headway... regardless of how fast you practiced the 'one punch' technique.

Same with I.T.
In theory this should just be part of every movement as I understand it, but I would love to see a match between someone with I.T. and MMA to see the outward benefits in an environment that is slightly different than what Aikido would present per say.

Reminds me of a Krav Maga video I saw where someone was patting a guys arm... [not saying this is a bad idea, but if the guy has any skill in any art, he probably will have you in a guillotine and not just resting his arm on your chest. [but what do I know about this.]

A lot is great in theory to a certain level, but then it steps up to the next... and I feel a lot of the time we dont have the most suitable environment to push what we have to its max to truly understand it.

This may or may not be clear... starting to get late here.



If any of you guys that do I.T. are ever in Hungary, please let me know... would love to try it out.

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