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Michael Varin
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Re: Gyaku hanmi vs gyakute-dori

Hello Linda,

My teacher, Patrick Cassidy, has had a big influence on your sensei Dave Golberg.

Mr. Goldsbury knows much more Japanese than I ever will, but I would like to tell you, don't try to translate everything. Just learn the terms as the names of the various techniques.

Katate dori in my understanding means same side grab. Gyakute dori means opposite grab.

Many non-iwama style dojo will call gyakute dori "kosa dori" which means cross hand grab.

The main thing is just to associate the names with the physical positons. A general rule is that grabs will be from gyaku hanmi and strikes will be from ai hanmi. Gyakute dori is the exception -- it has a very strong relationship to shomen uchi.

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