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Re: Gyaku hanmi vs gyakute-dori

I hope this isn't too much information, but the term gyakute is also sometimes used for when you grab something so that it is protruding from the bottom of your hand or for when the hand is positioned opposite to what is considered normal. The opposite of gyakute 逆手is junte 順手, in which the thing you grab is protruding from the top (thumb-side) of your hand. Like katate (one-handed), this terminology isn't limited to aikido or the martial arts (although there seems to be a preference for the other reading of gyakute which is sakate - same kanji 逆手). You would hold a frying pan katate (one-handed) and junte (the "normal" way with the business-end of the grabbed thing sticking out of the thumb-side of your hand). If the handle were facing away from you, you might reach over and take an opposite (gyakute) hold of the pan to retrieve it. In tennis, gyakute uchi is a backhand. In aikido, I've often heard the terms gyakute and junte used in practice of the jo and sometimes when explaining variations of koshinage. Junte is also a common expression in the Seifukai/Yoseikan.
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