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Re: Gyaku hanmi vs gyakute-dori

Hi Jonathan. Which "there" did you used to train? U.S.? or the same dojo as me? In any case, thank you for jumping in.

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
...You guys are using the term "katate dori" to specifically refer to the kind of single-hand grab that is same SIDES of the 2-person pair. Like, uke's left hand holding nage's right wrist in words sounds opposite, but looking at the pair on the mat, it is the same side of the pair, say the west side. whereas "gyakute dori" as you are using it crosses over.
Yes! That's how I understand the terms.

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
...If you think of the ai hanmi you are referring to as "normal" fighting arrangement, where the bodies fit together like a puzzle, then that's why the other one is "gyaku," it is the reverse of the comfortable (ai hanmi).
So gyaku hanmi is the mirror image, the way you use it?

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