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Confused Re: Gyaku hanmi vs gyakute-dori

Thank you so much for the replies. I'm feeling quite dense on this point, and appreciate your efforts to set me straight. <sigh...>

It sounds like maybe I had/have the hamni thing reversed. <headdesk> All the explanations I find use "opposite" and "same" which seem to have different meanings depending on who's saying them. For instance, if I have my right foot forward, and you have your right foot forward, are we in the "opposite" or "same" stance? Some people seem to use "same" meaning right-to-right or left-to-left, and some use "same" to mean same side of the dojo.

This site illustrates what I understand ai hanmi to be, and gyaku hanmi. If those are right, then it would seem logical for partners standing in ai hanmi to do gyakute dori, and for partners in gyaku hanmi to do katate dori.

"Mirror" seems to be the one term that can't be used in two senses. In which hanmi are the two people mirror images of each other? Do I have it backward, and that would be ai hanmi?

<Oww, my brain!>

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