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I have a problem when I apply Ikkyo. I am 6'2 so, for instance once I have grabbed my opponent's arm and turned my hips into the motion, my opponent is bent pretty far down, and I am still in a standing position and unable to exert any real force on their arm, I found that I have to lean over to get closer to the arm. So usually this results in a clumsy motion with Uke having to pretend and assist me. Anybody ahve any tips for this problem? I am a beginner by the way...
I think this largely depends on how tall your partner is in relation to your 6'2". It would be difficult to diagnose what problems you may be experiencing without seeing how you do this, or to be able to offer any real advice without hands on interaction. Ordinarily, the usual problem is applying ikkyo to a taller person, not the obverse.

BTW, you don't necessarily have to bend your knees to drop your weight or apply force.... but it's hard to explain without doing so in person.

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