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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

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again; this grandiose post could quite literally be brought you by the grace of robitussin; so...just keep it in mind.
Cheers + Have a good night.
Some of the more insightful thoughts by people have been induced by injection of outside chemical substances that alter your realty; keep on your vision quest!

Seriously, you have some good questions, and if they weren't sincere, you would not have gotten a response from Dan.

As a beginner in this, I do not have much else to offer other then IMO I believe the mental intent part is the hardest to understand and the most difficult to teach since there are no clear points to measure and correct in the student. With the physical portion, you can see and/or feel if the spine is straight or the hips are forward. However, you can not see where someone's mind is - of course, if they are doing it right, you can see or feel the effects of it. But if they are not doing it right, how do you tell them to do it right? especially the mental projection for the cones of influence outside your body that Dan mentioned about in weapons use.

I am convinced that strong mental intent is the 'key' to effective IS ( and yes, there is a pun in there) However, there is no simple formula to apply that will ensure development of this - it is such an individual thing that each person just has to learn to recognize what it is within themselves, then work to control and develop it further to obtain the objectives of your IS training.

I believe that a lot of people just think that the 'internal' aspect of IS is learning the internal body moments - although that is part, I think the true meaning of 'internal' is related to how you can personally internalize the coordination of your mind with your body. To me this is the spiritual side of the equation and it does not have any thing to do with religion or other personal beliefs - it is the development of your spirit within your body that you learn to project to control yourself as well as others around you.


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