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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

Thanks for the extraordinary posts.
I really appreciate your thoughts.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Like Bud and Kevin I spent years doing MMA
I was doing MMA before the kids knew what the hell that meant, Judo, wrestling, TKD, Goju, then getting involved with the wrong crowd (I have been stabbed, sliced, booted, a number of times), then went back into martial arts and found IP aiki. Where I took it was to go home and try and make it work in grappling. I failed miserably for a few years. I learned this from the flat of my back. I tell a true story --where a Judo friend of mine approached me in the dressing room and said "Dan what are you doing? Everyone is talking that you've become a flake, one of those aiki fairies."
Oh man! is that hilarious or is this just me? I keep reading that and end up giggling each time. i think it's really funny. although it really could just be the cough syrup.
either way.
It must have been an interesting time. I wonder how your judo teacher and the rest of the class took it. There must have been glimmers of future portents (i.e. strange moments where things 'clicked') .... the WTF / FM factor. I wonder; did you concurrently train IP/Aiki with DR all the while testing it in Judo? Was the judo club transformed at all by this? ..perhaps it was seen as 'only an anomaly'....or even 'just good judo'. Were you limited in the testing in the DR training venue ( I know nothing about it; as to how similar to Aikido practice it is) and you needed the 'freestyle' judo environment. Is DR the same/one-step?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Three years later when I turned into a nightmare to throw, the same guy came up to me and said "What's that stuff you're working on?"
Whoah. 3 years is not a whole heck of a lot of time. Due mostly to Solo training? (then paired pressure tests and then freestyle).

read my post to Bud above
I did. repeatedly. Thanks for that. I did not know; nor would have guessed that that was the pattern.

So which is better? I'm not going to debate it. To date the most powerful guy I have felt was a taiji guy who was...70 yrs old
understood. That is amazing; the more you think about it.

re: "The Best Things in Life are Free"
You know the thought i keep coming back to; is that ultimately this stuff is free. Yeah; sure training costs $ (usually) and time; ...but the solo stuff....after you know it; it is free for you to keep doing it. No charge.
If it is possible that thee most powerful man you have ever felt was 70 years old (!!! amazing)....well...gees. This stuff, if widely known and adhered to; would literally change healthcare, 'typical' aging, and quite literally the world. The most dangerous place in the city could be the old age home; and we'd be hearing stories of the male nurses being abused by the 'little ole ladies'.

again; this grandiose post could quite literally be brought you by the grace of robitussin; so...just keep it in mind.
Cheers + Have a good night.
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