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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
there is no easy way, huh?

May I ask you a question?
This is in light of how rare a skill it is to find an IP/aiki MMA fighter/and/or coach.
Well, I think we can go all over the map in discussing who considers what to be an internal fighter. I have met and or watched master class who I am not impressed regarding what I call "a fighter." I don't think anyones going to agree to terms.

Did you have a good enough base in the internals and then hone your craft in the live setting? Like...alll alone? Or did you have an R&D department backing you up (i.e. where you kept your drawing board)? And people that could help coach/correct/inform?
Like Bud and Kevin I spent years doing MMA
I was doing MMA before the kids knew what the hell that meant, Judo, wrestling, TKD, Goju, then getting involved with the wrong crowd (I have been stabbed, sliced, booted, a number of times), then went back into martial arts and found IP aiki. Where I took it was to go home and try and make it work in grappling. I failed miserably for a few years. I learned this from the flat of my back. I tell a true story –where a Judo friend of mine approached me in the dressing room and said “Dan what are you doing? Everyone is talking that you’ve become a flake, one of those aiki fairies.”
Undeterred I kept going, and failing, and eventually.....gaining power and connectedness, not too mention taking DR Aiki to a level I have never heard of before or since for use in MMA. Three years later when I turned into a nightmare to throw, the same guy came up to me and said “What’s that stuff you're working on?”

So; considering branching out and testing the IP/Aiki you have built up in your body:
Is there a point at which you go out and test?
Or do you suggest concurrently?
How to make the decision?
read my post to Bud above

Maybe one day there will be MMA gyms that can teach it all.
That would be pretty cool.

Take care,
That's never going to happen. Western style power is quicker and easier to learn. I just trained a guy for his first MMA bout and I drilled him in ground and stand up tactics...all western style.
Then again it's interesting that I'm in my 50's and all the friends my age are fat, beat-up, and on various medications, and I am out banging and rolling with guys in their 20's and 30's and I can move with the speed, agility, and still out train men on the floor. Even at seminars they quite first.
So which is better? I'm not going to debate it. To date the most powerful guy I have felt was a taiji guy who was...70 yrs old! And he was fast and agile as well.
I'm looking forward to my 60's to see what I feel like then!

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