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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

Mark - That was a very interesting post!

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
More recent history. Jon H's own training has shown through by the comments from some of his students.
That is amazing changes can happen so quick. I would love to ask, maybe not specifically to Jon, or any of you....but do you feel like..."How could we have missed this?"...or was it really an alien kind of a thing. Totally a new 'gift' that was given and shown. An extension to things ... or a bridge to a 'new vista'.
I'm at home sick today...this could just be the cough syrup talking.

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
My history. While I wasn't able to tell for 6 months or so that anything was happening, it was quite an eye opener when I finally did get someone (a muscled prison guard) to try wrist locks and he couldn't get them to work.

The body changes. I don't "feel" the same as before.
How do you feel? Would this do a fair job: 'full', 'connected', 'inflated', 'able to 'push-back' in new ways'...less inclined to 'collapse' or 'kink' in on itself? ??

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
More importantly, not only does the body change but so does the mind and mental outlook. But, that's another topic yet to be discussed.

Yeah. The value is not only in the body, but in the mind and the spirit. And it's felt both in yourself and by others.
This has been mentioned a couple of times. I would love to hear more on that from anyone inclined to share; especially you Mark, and Dan. I remember this sprouted off into a side topic on how 'testing-yourself in venues such as MMA or sparring' lead to sincere, mettle-tested men (and of course women) who know their worth. I recall also the phrase 'walking free in the world'. I hope i got that right...cough syrup clouding mind). There is a spiritual thread going on right now...maybe that is the spirituality of Aikido. This is something I think on. How does it change your mind? Determination? Learning your mind-body and its' myriad feedback systems? Spirit- Knowing and learning and embracing duty, diligence, ferocity, seeking. To butcher another quote by a good Doc: "Those that know they know, know. You know?" I am sure that level of truth and conviction cannot not change you. The feeling of control and ever increasing mastery over your body must be empowering. How has it changed your heart and spirit?
Where they envisionable before? Any unintended changes? Werewolvian or otherwise?

re: crying & what Dan wrote
--- like a flock of wild geese, i read. Yeah.. I can imagine how that suffocating feeling.. finding all that you are, and have, and do to be fleeting and of no import in the very moments you need it most....sounds indeed like the very definition of being utterly and completely helpless and alone. If that don't make you cry out in frustration i'm not sure what would.

i'm about a quart low on robitussin right now.
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