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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

As far as the crying bit goes.

I think its not so much balling your eyes out but rather being "filled up " with tears of frustration. I have seen it happen in MMA settings when newbies were completely dominated. I have made it happen in men who found they couldn't do anything while they were getting "handled" seemingly at will. It is a very unsettling feeling to be so completely dominated and frustrated and fascinated all at the same time. I don't name names, but it has happened to some of the readers here when they sparred with me or they have seen it happen. If people are interested in learning to fight it is a necessary fist step to see what it feels like to have someone go all out on you.
Once you get used to it you think your way through it and it is just another day at the office; familiar turf in which you can adjust and push through to succeed.
Suffice to say it demonstates both Takeda's and Ueshiba's respective skill levels at that time.

Being owned or tuned
I think this "feeling" of being owned and smothered and relentlessly kicked and punched and thrown is completely out of the realm of understanding of most martial artists-who never go all out in the first place- they "function" only within the confines of fixed arts, so it might be difficult to fathom. Of course that changes when you are taught to connect the body and move differently, and then shown how to fight with it. Like I said; for MMA training it's SSDD. The only problem for hip-driven and shoulder driven fighters, is having to completely change their game to a different way to move their bodies. They find they are "stuck" when they go to move. The results are more than worth it, but it can be veerry frustrating for those who want to go down this road.

I also think this is one of the key separation points between men who a) dabble in "internal power" for health and curiosity, b) others who only practice within "fixed arts," and c) those with decades of experience in using IP/ aiki in freestyle fighting- which is a rare skill.

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