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find a nice, quiet place. standing, sit down, or lay down whichever comfortable to you. close your eyes. breath slowly by expanding and contracting your stomach. there is a small book, systema, "let every breath". a chapter in that book talk about tension and relax, methink chapter 8. there is a bunch of exercise sequences, you can use. methink, it based on the old iron shirt qigong. you can meditate and work on building a connected body at the same time which will help your aikido in the long run.

or stand in the "hug the tree pose" of taichi. have someone pushes lightly to your chest, back, left and right shoulders, push down slightly on your shoulders, lift you up lightly. your job is to stay in one place. find the spot where you are centered and stay there for 30 minutes.

or shave your head, wear a yellow robe (brown is ok too, but no pink or lavender or zebra stripes), use a wooden clacker to keep the beat, chant incoherently for hours on end and drive the people in your household insane.
I think I pass o the second idea, I kidna like my hair. thanks for the frist one. I will have to try the frist part, i think having someone pust me is not going to work thow.

Best wishes ,
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