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Re: New Seigo Yamaguchi DVD from Aikido Journal

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
I can imagine that it is very hard to understand, what Yamaguchi Sensei is doing if you don't share this background.
Do you practice with a teacher who was a student of Yamaguchi Sensei?
I've taken classes with Yasuno, Endo and Kuribayashi of Hombu Dojo, all of whom were close to Yamaguchi; in Manila I attended a seminar by Miranda Saarentaus, 6th dan of Finland, a student of Endo. And of course, elements of Yamaguchi's kind of waza do emerge among the younger teachers in Hombu, such as Ito and Namba. And i have DVDs of teachers like Endo and William Gleason.

The point I really want to make that I had to take ukemi from Endo and Kuribayashi to understand (even faintly) what Yamaguchi meant: "The arms fall of their own weight." "In aikido there is no pushing or pulling." And so on. The videos do not capture that.

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