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Re: New Seigo Yamaguchi DVD from Aikido Journal

Ahhh I enjoy this DVD very much!!!
Even if the quality is not optimal.

Footage of Yamaguchi Sensei is so rare that I'm really thankfull to have this seminar alltogether in one movie. And also to have the translation of his explanations.

Raul Rodrigo wrote: View Post
Even if the video were very very clear, it would be hard to tell exactly what Yamaguchi is doing.
Well I think it can be very well understood if you are familiar with and compare it to what Endo Sensei teaches or Christian Tissier. (Or what my teacher does.)
So I found a lot of interesting explanations and also "roots" of their technique in this video.

I can imagine that it is very hard to understand, what Yamaguchi Sensei is doing if you don't share this background.
Do you practice with a teacher who was a student of Yamaguchi Sensei?


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