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Re: Best karate style for aikido?

To jump back to the original topic and avoid the fun that is kumite arguments, I was graded to nidan in kamishin ryu karate (shotokan with a bit of wado ryu thrown in) in March after 8 years of training and started aikido in August and I like how the styles are totally different. It means that I don't get so confused going between classes and I like the change of being back at the other end of the dojo.

Some things cross between the two, especially when you start looking at bunkai (application of kata) in karate or when you're uke attacking with a punch. I've noticed that my karate techniques and combinations flow better since starting aikido while I know the basics of using body mechanics instead of strength (I'm not the strongest bloke on the planet by a long shot) too.

Oh, and on the subject of TKD being "Korean Karate", you'll find that Tang Soo Do is effectively Shotokan karate with a Korean twist. The kata have equivalent hyungs that are fairly similar (Heian ("peaceful mind") kata becoming Pyung Ahn ("peace and harmony") hyungs) and the basics are similar only with more emphasis on high kicks. Tae Kwon Do, while having some similar principles (as we're currently discussing on another forum), is more different than similar (if you know what I mean).
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