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Re: I test on Saturday: Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous.

Eva Röben wrote: View Post
Dear Victoria,

I wish you much luck, presence of mind and good physical shape for Saturday!

But...I have a question:
What is "ushiro ukemi - backwards breakfall"?????
In our dojo, ushiro ukemi is just back roll, and near to no one is able to do a backwards breakfall (would be called ushiro otoshi). I once saw a guy in a seminar doing it, but it is certainly not required of 5th kyus. I asked one of the guys who is doing very, very brilliant tobu ukemi (forward breakfall; mae ukemi in our dojo is again only a forward roll) to teach me that one, and he replied he couldn't.

How are you doing them? I'm still unconfortable about violent backwards falls, especially if someone sweeps your legs away.

Thanks a lot in advance for enlightening!!!

Best regards,

If 5th kyus don't need to be able to fall well, there is something wrong with the system IMO. Learning how to fall is still hugely underrated in aikido, whereas in judo you would never get a yellow belt if your breakfalls were bad. If we trained our breakfalls better in aikido, people wouldn't be as afraid of koshinage anymore as they generally are now, because really, koshinage is still soft compared to basic judo throws.

The best way to learn "hard" ukemi, is to have someone perform leg sweeps on you a few times, or just throw you harder, so you don't have a choice. After a while, when your technique is sharpened, you'll even find it fun to do There's really nothing more fun than being repeatedly thrown to each side of the mat for a few minutes.
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