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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

Well, that happened because I was asked. I was discussing spear and I went from showing some simple versions of spear work, with the legs, back, with weight transfer between gravity and ground in shoveling to pitching hay. Interestingly spear work can be simple or more complicated with the use of spiral energy in windings for power and some potent deflections which I showed on Sunday.
We covered a lot of material in a short span. With such a diverse bunch from; Ki society aikido to ASU to Daito ryu, to MMA, Hapkido, Bujinkan, to Yi Quan, it's always beneficial to see what can be universally applied. I think the questions that focused on application led to a bit of fun and interesting ...uhm, entertainment.

To go from wrist grabs to punching, kicking, throwing, to groundwork, on to various weapons helps explain and demonstrate why we train to move the way we do and give life to both seeing and then setting goals in everyone's personal training. I always find it rewarding to see light bulbs go off in people's minds when they see themselves move differently and far more efficiently in one weekend. As Big John (not John H,) said "Why would anyone want to ever go back to what they were doing before, after doing this?" I gave him my typical reply "Because a) training this way is about as much fun as watching paint dry, b) the serious work takes years to learn, c) there is no rank or acknowledgment in it and d) people have no vision for their own future outside of rank and fun in the dojo!"
"This just isn't for everybody. Most just want to fit-in."

I am increasingly interested in seeing the progress people are making as I am getting around. Greg had an interesting foot in the door already from training in the Ki society from years ago and training in Daito ryu, as did Jamie with his training in Yi Quan. Mark is seeing some interesting comparisons in where and how it applies in Koryu. For those who missed the comment, John Haas shared a story similar to my own years ago. He came back from the August seminar to show his people and they were just not interested in doing this type of training. Then, after just a few months, they were noticing he was increasingly difficulty to throw, now suddenly his guys are asking. Personally, I think the next few years are going to be interesting indeed.

Two follow up one-day events are going to take place with Jimmie and John in N.J. this winter, one on my -to- Atlanta the other on the way back. That is if can ever get Atlanta scheduled!(I am waiting on deployment orders for my nephew) Greg and I are working on another seminar in March.
So far, we have had three follow up seminars and have five more scheduled. That makes eight follow up training opportunities in just 6 months since August! FWIW, no one is more pleased than me to admit Ellis Amdur was right all along. As everyone who is enjoying training with me already knows, they owe it all to him.

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