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Re: I test on Saturday: Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous.

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Geesh! What is your Shodan requirement then?!
well nikkyu and ikkyu are similar, except the 15 basic techniques are replaced by the 50 basic (both sides, plus variations) and the optional random techniques become more complex (keashi-waza, shime-waza, koshi-waza, keri-waza, etc.). The intensity level on everything is cranked up accordingly. Shodan would be similar to those, but again optionals become more complex and the intensity of everything goes up. Only yudansha participate as uke for dan testings. Randori's tend to look like a bar brawl from an intensity standpoint. They also do a teaching skit to simulate things one might encounter teaching their own class. Oh and all ranks are required to submit a written thesis afterwards before officially getting their rank and shousho. Just a page or two for kyu's and 15+ for dan rankings.
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