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Re: I test on Saturday: Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous.

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
Our gokyu and yonkyu testing consists of the following:

5-10 minutes oral testing on the history of aikido, philosophy, O'sensei, our founder and techniques. This is followed by demonatrations of aiki-taiso and leads into our 15 basic techniques (both sides, some have several variations that you perform as well). Next are optionals such as 5 techniques against a specific attack, 5 demostrations of the same technique from different attacks, etc, basically whatever sensei calls for, you never know! We then go into kokyudosa, followed by suwari-waza, hanmi handachi, tanto tori, bokken tori and jo tori. Then comes jodo randori, followed by general randori with 5-6 uke and then ryokatatori randori (with a few more uke) until you simply can't continue and drop from exhaustion. All in all it takes about an hour or so and you usually want to puke, but it's gotta be the most fun lead up to vomitting that one can have! Oh I also forgot 5, 8, 21 and 31 move jo kata.

balltemi is always a good option when you can get it! Nothing gets an attacker (male) lightened up quite like it!

Be sure and report back on your thoughts on testing, though I can guarantee you that while you might be nervous now, you're going to be extremely proud of yourself afterwards, as you should be. Enjoy the moment!
Geesh! What is your Shodan requirement then?!

~Do one thing each day that scares you...~
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