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Re: I test on Saturday: Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous.

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See, I think you guys must do it differently. I have no idea who my uke will be. Sensei will call out "UKE!" and whomever runs up and gets to me first will be my uke. Lol, which is sorta interesting to see who is going to be my "victim" or who can sprint the fastest on the mat.

As I said, I can think of a few people who I'd like to be my uke for my test because they'll make it look like I'm killing them. I have a hard time keeping a straight face with them sometimes (you know me, I'm always snarking at something) but they need to go down because I made them go down, not because I am starring in a bad martial arts film.
I enjoy that fact that we get to choose our uke. We do so much in testing that I can't imagine having someone who I wasn't completely comfortable with! They're up there to help you look good after all! Though no matter what you do your sensei will know if your technique is good. Just tell your favorite person to run like hell when Sensei calls for someone!

Thanks for posting your gokyu testing requirements. I don't recall seeing another organizations kyu testing requirements or if I have, it's been years. Yours is very different from ours in content. We also don't test for a specific rank, you simply test and based on performance and what you're asked to do (some parts are random), Sensei decides your rank afterwards. Gokyu and Yonkyu have the same core requirements, as do Sankyu through ikkyu, but the optionals you're randomly asked to perform and number of them varies greatly as you go up in rank. Thanks!
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