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Re: I test on Saturday: Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous.

This is my test. I'm lucky... starting next year we'll have shorter tests at all ranks so I won't have such a murderous 4th Kyu test (then again... knowing Sensei... lol)

I know them all... just on a few of them, my stance switching is terrible (my biggest weakness I feel are my feet and stance switching). I was having problems getting off the line but I have been having people just randomly do Shomenuchi on me from standing and sitting without me doing technique so I can start to "feel" where it's coming from and try to get out of the way. I actually like that little practice I made up because it makes me have to be alert since I don't know what direction they're going to come at me from.

Gokyu (5th Kyu)

Taisabaki Ho (all against Katatedori Gyaku Hanmi):

* Irimi: entering movements (option 1 and option 2)
* Tenkan: Turning movements (option 1 and option 2)
* Kaiten: Rotary movements (option 1 and option 2)
* Irimi-Tenkan: Entering and Turning movements (option 1 and option 2)


* Shomenuchi: downward strike to face or head
* Yokomenuchi: strike to side of the head or neck
* Tsuki: thrusting strike


* Mae Ukemi: forward breakfall
* Ushiro Ukeimi: backward breakfall
* Zenpo Kaiten Ukemi: forward roll
* Ushiro Kaiten Ukemi: backward roll


Katedori Gyaku Hanmi

* Ikkyo
* Shihonage
* Kaitenage (uchi and soto variations)

Katatedori Ai Hamni

* Ikkyo
* Kotegaeshi (ura and omote.)


* Ikkyo

Shomenuchi (Suwari Waza and Tachi Waza)

* Ikkyo
* Shomentate

Kokyudosa (seated exercise)

Buki Waza: Weapons

5 basic ken kamae


Suburi: Shomenuchi, Kesagri, Tsuki
Happo Giri I (sliding) and II (stepping)

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