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My apologies Peter. As I said, I wasn't there I just heard that on one of his videos I believe. I think though that you've cleared that issue up for me. Furthermore all I can say for that shihan who is still alive and kicking, I offer my apology for my ignorance, and my body as a piece of iron to be banged into a sword.

Sorry Peter, I just had to throw that last part in. In fact my first sensei was fond of saying that and he had been a bouncer for over ten years when I met him. He was very open to new ways of training randori to make more realistic so long as we didn't lose respect for tradition.

One of the things he tried with us was he made a bunch of 1'x 1' flash cards. The trick was that the size of the letter or number drawn on the cards varied considerably. Supposedly it was to help us focus faster when changing range between uke's.

(If that's someone else's trick I like to know if it originated with my old sensei or not thanx.)
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