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training + instinct = trance

Hi I am John as they call me in my early days at school and my mom use calls me Mickey, i been training various martial arts at the age of six until today,

and i find Aikido most fitting to my personality and the spirit of the art.talking about its roots from the teacher of O`Sensie, Sukaku Takeda Sensie a significant Man in all Martial art in the world today and even in full-contact sports.

Aikido has a deeper meaning to all the martial arts I have encountered with spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. it puts you to the state of being calm in all situations, to think fast and your body reacts upon instinct, like how the hell did i do that! and stay cool.

like when I was still practicing Hard ukemi waza in Aikido. in the Philipines We ride Jeepney (a public transportation) as a chance passenger you need to hang at the back of the jeep in order not to be late at our session and unluckily i hang on to an old smoke belching jeepneey... as a hanging bar around the top of the rear ceiling of the roof of the jeep, witch i held on to a rusty old bar just snaps when the drivers accelerates we four hanging fell to the hard pavement luckily it was my instinct to do side fall smoothly rock back at my feet and run stride three steps forward and grab at the lower side bars of the jeep and i said to my self i need to be there in time im Senie`s Ukemi and slightly grin at my lips and rides straight to quiapo and made it 5 mins. early than the exact time of our Aikido session.

thats 10-12 kilometers ride taft Ave. to Quiapo the jeep did`nt stopped regarding the traffic lights. now thats Aikido experience, whats YOURS??
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