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Dan Harden's PA Seminar

Dan Harden and two of his senior students (Jill and Tom) were in Elizabethtown, PA at the E-town Aikikurabu this past weekend for two days of Aiki Development training. In attendance were small groups from West Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania representing various arts such as Aikido, Aikijujutsu, MMA, CMA, Tae Kwondo, Hopkido, and Karate. This visit was part of Dan's commitment to support the attendees of his teachers only seminar this past August with follow on training, coaching, and mentoring in order to help spread Internal Skills to those with the interest to learn more. It is my understanding that visits to other dojos have already occurred and more are on his schedule - also, he will be back to our Aikikurabu in the future as well.

The training included a refresher of key points and concepts that were presented in August as well as more advanced details that are the next logical steps required to build upon the initial foundation. Also of interest, was Dan's focus on the application of IS into the various arts of the attendees - of particular interest was his excellent ability to show how IS can drastically improve anyone's MMA skills.

The secret of Dan's method is to mentally have 'x' pull on 'y' to lift 'z' - for more detail on x, y, and z, please contact your local authorized 'Harden Ryu' dojo for more information

All in all, it was a great weekend with a lot of fun and some extremely good instruction and practice in IS.

Greg Steckel
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