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Re: 063) Active Listening: Week of December 5, 2009

Very Nice. Our senses do get in our way alot. Funny this is what I was realizing yesterday in class. In the beginner's workshop on Saturday I noticed that a couple of new students were restricting their movements of techniques in a very constricted way, essentially within the space in front of me. I would then demonstrate and one of them said "I don't have enough room as you do".

I worked through the problem for a few minutes and realized that I viewed "my space" as also including the area where uke was standing and that the fact that uke was physically present their as a non was my space to operate in and uke would move with kuzushi.

They viewed uke as something to work an obstacle.

Once it was explained, it seemed to open up more space to them.

Sometimes our mind and eyes create or percieve obstacles that are not really there at all!

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