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Re: free-style Push Hands Competition at the Arnold Classic

Here are last year's rules. I posted them on Feb. 22, 2009. The title was Taiji Push Hands Competition at the Arnold Classic.

The rules may change slightly this year. I am hoping to give people an nearly head's-up so that they can train for the event if they wish to attend.

There will be three (potentially) 2 - minute rounds for each engagement. If one guy wins the first two rounds, then the third one is not held. There are 1 minute breaks between rounds.

No striking or kicking (san shou).
No pushing in the groin or face.
Any pushing, throwing, locking, seizing is fine.
Foot sweeping is not allowed
tripping/leg hooking is allowed.

Points are given for causing an opponent to fall, or go out of the three concentric boundaries. The further they go out, the more points.

The game starts with three push hand circles and then it is free-play.

This is not static push hands. It is mobile. It is aggressive, but the relaxed guy who knows grounding (earth), structure (Iron) and pliability (Water) will have the advantage.

Kind of like a sumo match at times, but if you understand structure and grounding, you can stop a bulldozer in his/her tracks and redirect the force or bounce him out out the ring.
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