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Re: Everyday Holiday

Sensei seiser,
I agree we must learn from the past. I agree the moment we acknowledge a point in time, it is already past us. And perhaps writing down for you means a ritual which formally lets go of all the feelings associated with the particular experience (as an analogy, emptying one's cup). But if i may ask, is there a level higher then this? That after every experience in a day, we ponder on it to the best of our ability and express our thanks to it and move ahead. How does one know which direction is one going in if the path we are travelling on is our own and its not a blazed trail? The choices one makes decides the direction of one's life and one does not know where it will take them because the effects of one's decision are always like a butterfly effect. One does not know when or how it will come back. So why even worry?? Why just not follow one's own heart and always strive to do the right thing and be thankful for the courage given to you to be able to do that?
Thank you for your time sensei,
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