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Re: Everyday Holiday

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So if one must stay in the present, why look in the past for only a year?

They say if one does not study history and learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it.

IMHO, the past is always with us (unless you are far more advanced than I). It makes us who we are. Lets acknowledge and appreciate the distance we have travel without being stuck in it.

IMHO, the future is also always with us. It is the direction we are heading. A wise man once said to look forward to looking back and seeing what we have learned and how we got there.

IMHO, the present is always with us. It is the only time we can remake our past decisions and aim for new directions. Those little things from the past that got us here today, are here today for the future.

IMHO, to only live in the now, to stay in the present is impossible. As soon as you acknowledge you are anywhere at anytime, the present has already left.

The reflecting is all year round. It is only the writing down that I do once a year.

Thanks for digging up my old thoughts and making the past present again.

Rei, Domo.

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