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Michael Hackett
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Steven Seagal Lawman

I just finished watching two full episodes of the A&E Network's new show "Steven Seagal Lawman". For those who haven't followed, Seagal Sensei has reportedly been a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana for twenty years. This reality show depicts him working the streets in uniform. He apparently is high ranking as a reserve officer, wearing the two stars of a Deputy Chief. Usually the rank worn by a reserve officer is honorary and he has no authority over regular officers of any rank. The military reserve components are different of course.

Before I go further, I have to admit that I detest reality shows in general and really get my big boy pants in a bunch over reality cop shows. I watched this program simply because I thought it would really be terrible - and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. While I doubt I will ever watch again, it showed officers doing their jobs without going overboard, fawning on Seagal Sensei. He seemed genuine in his interest in the profession and in his relationship with the other officers. He said all the right things, and if this is scripted, the scriptwriter certainly read "Municipal Police Administration."

There is a smattering of Aikido shown during each of the two episodes that aired tonight. Nothing on the street, but in the gym and in the academy. If you hope to see Aikido, you will only see a moment or two depicted and then not on the street.

Three things stood out and caused me to yell at the TV as I am wont to do with cop shows. Neither Seagal Sensei nor his partner wear their seat belts although it is the law and the greatest single danger of police work is motor vehicle accidents. Seagal Sensei was riding shotgun and the camera showed him looking out the driver's side throughout the program. The passenger officer "owns" from the middle of the windshield to his side of the car. The driver gets the other half. Lastly, he was shown carrying his flashlight in his strong or gun hand throughout the program.

While I don't recommend it, it probably is worth watching ONCE out of curiosity. YMMV.

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